About Jacqui

For 25 years, I’ve worked in the fields of neurology, pain & injuries both in hospitals and private clinics in New Zealand, UK, Australia and France.

I specialize in unravelling your body’s most deeply held secrets that physical therapies don’t address. Working with your own body’s natural intelligence to unravel knots, release blockages and facilitate the natural flow of deep circulation within your nervous and immune systems.

This results in:
– A release of pain so you can walk, bend and turn over without discomfort
– An alignment of your body so it isn’t just the physical pain that’s gone – you feel mentally free of it
– A change in your posture and movement day-to-day so your body supports itself

My connection with my work is very personal. At 22, I was run over by a car.

The head injury I sustained left me relying on morphine to ease the unbearable pain I was in (if childbirth is an 8 out of 10, the pain I experienced was a solid 10).

As a fully grown adult, I had to relearn to balance, walk, read, and move again. You can imagine how I felt …

It took a mix of physical therapy, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and a lot of mental agility to bring me back on track.

Why am I sharing this with you?

I understand what it’s like to have your life dictated by pain. Whether it was brought on gradually, or with an accident – it isn’t something you just have to live with.


Born in New Zealand to English and Canadian parents, I was fortunate to have four older and two younger sisters and brothers, and a memorable childhood marked with moves within New Zealand and to Canada. Drawn to a medical career, I chose physiotherapy for a more hands-on career grounded in science.

Following a move to Europe as soon as I qualified, I worked in
– London: care of elderly & orthopedics
– Oxford: neurology & neurosurgery
– Brighton: sports injuries, back and neck pain, and physio for a national league women’s football team, I was physio for the football team on their games as well as individual players
– Edinburgh orthopedics, care of elderly, medical rehabilitation &sports injuries
– Auckland: chronic pain, rheumatology,& mental health

I then trained in London and Devon as a craniosacral therapist, then moved to Australia had two children and worked part time as a craniosacral physiotherapist for 8 years, and continued to Paris since 2006.

Graduate Diploma of Physiotherapy, Auckland University of Technology, 1989–92
Professional Certificate of Craniosacral Therapy, 1997–98
Postgraduate Craniosacral Therapy Working with Mothers and Babies and Family 2001, 2006 & 2009